Restroom Feedback System (RFS)

Fusion of smart devices, apps, cloud and internet technology

Features that fulfill your requirements and more...

Intercept negative feedback and forward it to respective maintenance team as work order through alert/SMS/E-mail

Full compliance with Restroom Asscociation of Singapore HTP 6 Stars Rating (Technology)

Dashboard provide key insights and trends into visitors’ satisfaction, state of the restroom and various performance matrics of the cleaner

Partnering with one of the best cloud provider, touch panel manufacturer and security software globally, The Uscan® solution platform offers you a robust and cost effective solution

Digitized restroom checklist/ checkcard with reminder and escalation alerts ensure that no task is left unattended. No more manual update of paper checklist

With built-in contactless cleaners ID, managers could now track and monitor cleaners attendance instantly

Integrate with various IoTs sensors such as people traffic, odour, air quality as well as monitor other consumables in real time

Integrate seamlessly with Uscan® FAM and other modules simplify system management and provides significant cost and time saving for property managers