Service Rating and Feedback System (SRFB)

Fusion of smart devices, apps, cloud and internet technology

Optimize Every Moment Along the Customer Journey Through Multiple Touchpoints

Set-up as self-service kiosk across key areas

Personalize feedback collection by handing over the tablet

Feedback through QR Code for access to web

Embedded customize survey form on your website to capture online feedback

Features that fulfill your requirements and more...

Reinforce customer relationship with real-time alerts and case management workflows that help put out fires quickly and prevent future issues

Instant notification when a customer provides feedback that exceed risk threshold. This alert enable staff to resolve customer complaints within the premisses

Provide management with custom dashboard with clear view of KPIs leading to better workforce performance and best in class customer experience

Quantitative analysis to make sense out of what customers say and do. Prioritize the most valuable opportunities and predict improvement potential

Set-up auto SMSes with Emails for custoers who fill up the feedbacks and survey form. Build your customers loyalty by keeping them engaged and letting them know you care

Solutions are tailored for individual market sectors. Customized feeback allows you to gain competitive edge to your customer experience