Uscan™ Restroom Feedback System

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In close collaboration with Restroom Association (Singapore) or RAS, the Restroom Feedback System allows property owner or operator to receive instant feedback in regard to the state of restroom cleanliness and toiletries. With the flexible deployment strategy running on either Tablet Kiosk or simply QR code apps, or/and with sensors (IoTs), operator could mix and match its requirements according to their  affortability. Please click on the intro video for more information.

Full compliance with RAS Happy Toilet Program 6 stars rating under the TECHNOLOGY component. This means that operator will benefit from direct exemption on the evaluation criteria under the TECHNOLOGY component.

Customizable to your requirements, feedback could come in the form of SMS/E-mail with timeline tracking; report received - acknowledgement to work completion. Operator also enjoy great discount if they sign up the Happy Toilet Programme administered by RAS . For more info on the programme, please visit

So hurry. Please contact us for a demonstration and our consultant would be in a better position to advise a deployment strategy that suit your needs.

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